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The Narrative is an award-winning, full-service, multidisciplinary visual communication studio in Chicago. We work with companies, organizations, non-profits, cultural institutions, and individuals in many fields and disciplines to create meaningful and distinct visual narratives.

Narratives, and the clear intentions behind them, are the “what” and “why” behind what we do, both as designers and as a studio. A narrative is a way of visualizing a company’s products and services that reflects the quality of their products and services in a clear, coherent, consistent, forward-thinking, and distinct way. We look to achieve this not only for the company and its clients, but also for the company’s professional peers as well as for any community (local to global) wherein they are a part.

From brand identities to book design, data visualization to website design, and everything in between, The Narrative has an all-consuming passion for design. Our research-based methodology, custom project approach, and inspired dedication to the design process lead to compelling and effective visual narratives that reflect the quality, consistency, and innovation of our client’s products and services.

Our clients are passionate about what they do and so are we. Let’s visualize your narrative!

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