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Specializing in Adult Acne exclusively for Gen-X to Baby Boom + anti-aging products for the acne-prone adult. Did you know that teen acne lasts up to age 23? Daniela specializes exclusively in Adult Acne issues for ages 24+ using a unique approach to acne care, first via email correspondence with full skin analysis, samples in the mail to test before purchasing a full regimen, then the first facial 4-6 weeks after correcting home care to clear, smooth and decongest troubled, sensitive, acne skin. With this highly effective and completely customized program of starting out with correction of home care first, far more is accomplished with product changes and the first facial, than with just 3-4 facials elsewhere. Adult Acne care also includes sophisticated and potent anti-aging products specifically designed to not cause acne breakouts. Also specializing in Rosacea and general sensitivity.