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We're bring back the Ravenswood Costume Crawl on Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm! The Costume Crawl provides an opportunity for businesses along Montrose (Seeley to Ravenswood Ave) to engage with the community during a seasonal sweets and sips tasting event.


At this ticketed event, costumed attendees stroll down Montrose Ave and receive tasting size portions of desserts, appetizers, and drinks from participating businesses. All attendees check in at the start of the event and receive a punch card and map. At each stop, they enjoy a sample from a local business and get their punch card checked. Prizes are awarded for Best Costume!


All business types are encouraged to take part in this unique Halloween-themed tasting stroll. If your business serves alcohol, consider creating a fun batch cocktail. If you offer food, offer something sweet to satisfy seasonal cravings. If your business is retail or service based, we'll partner you with local a bakery, restaurant, brewery, or confectioner to share quality sweets or sips.

Restaurants: FREE for GRCC Members | $50 for non-members
New for 2023 - GRCC Member restaurants serving food receive a $75 stipend!
Restaurant must provide at least 205 samples of food or drink for attendees. This can be a 2-3 bite snack or tasting pour of a beer/cocktail/wine/mocktail. Restaurant is responsible for providing any necessary plates/utensils/napkins/cups/etc.

Non-Restaurant Businesses: $30 for GRCC Members | $75 for non-members
Business must provide space for a guest food or drink vendor to set up and serve samples to attendees.


After nearly selling out of 150 tickets in our debut, we're planning for 200 attendees in 2023.

Restaurants and cafes should plan to provide 205 small bite desserts or appetizers, as well as necessary napkins/utensils/plates. Those looking to sample beverages, plan to provide at least 205 tasting pours as well as cups. If sampling alcohol, 5oz for beer, 2oz for wine, and 1oz for liquor.

This year, we're focusing our menu on desserts, treats and tasty drinks! Sweet, sour, and salty flavors that evoke the spooky season, step to the front!


If you have any questions, please contact to gene@ravenswoodchicago.org or amy@ravenswoodchicago.org.
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