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Unlocking Creativity Through Maker Education

Kids learn BEST by doing, so we help PARENTS and EDUCATORS create more hands-on learning opportunities for them — whether it’s at home, through our makerspace or inside the (remote or physical) classroom.

The Bit Space curriculum engages youth with ''Making''. Guiding them through a range of skill building activities valuable for any future they may invent.

+applied science, computer science + math
+creativity, imagination & self expression
+design based, analytical thinking
+freedom to tinker
+critical problem solving
+how the world works and how new technology is changing it
+importance of craftsmanship
+hands on, real world skills

Making things is a rewarding and effective activity that engages both creative and analytical thinking and which fundamentally appeals to most kids. In making are two important and often underdeveloped values, the pride of one's craft and the empowerment of creative agency. It is clear our children have the power to do amazing things when their imagination is connected to the right resources. At Bit Space, creators benefit from the combination of free exploration and guided learning in a cool space with great resources.


Gallery Image PXL_20220806_001206050.jpg
From the page... reality!
Dream House brainstorming
Practicing scale modeling
The final Dream Home
Measure and mark!
Drilling and driving!
Gallery Image PXL_20211223_215244638.jpg
Gallery Image PXL_20220701_205244378.jpg
The prototype and the final project

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